My June 2018 Pinspiration

Welcome to In The Making!

Pinterest is a goldmine. Got a project in mind? Pinterest that. Want to paint your living room? Pinterest that. DIY gifts? Pinterest that. Procrastinating? Pinterest that.

I wanted to share on my blog items that I have been pinning for the month. My pin-spiration is what I'm calling it. Pretty good, right?

To begin, I'll start with a general overview of what my Pinterest board looks like, but if you want to see for yourself you can check it out here.

The color tone of this month is blue and yellow, but a light saturation. I'm not big on bright colors in summer. I like pastels for this season. I also really enjoy quirky prints. Summer is a good time to bring wear a watermelon dress. I have a few pins saved just for the fun print.

In terms of style, there are a lot of gathers. Gathered skirts, gathered tops, you name it. Also quite a few wrap tops/dresses, even wrap pants. I like the look of light, flowy clothing items in summer. They keep you cool,…

New Make, Who This? Colette Iris Shorts!

Welcome to In The Making!
Summer is my favorite season. I get really excited when the weather heats up and I get to wear shorts and tees again. Because of where I live and the lovely rain we get, I only have about three months of nice weather for shorts before it gets gloomy again.
I actually don’t have a lot of summer clothing items. I collected more sweaters and jeans because it was so cold in my dorm room. So, I think I have about two pairs of shorts, and that’s not enough to get me through this hot weather.
To fix this hole in my closet, I made the Colette Patterns Iris shorts that were in my summer sewing plans. I was really excited to use this pattern from this company because they are based in my home state! It’s so cool to me that a talented company is near me, and I want to support them. Plus, their designs are really nice. They have a classic look, but there are little details to the patterns that make them unique. 

 I had a beautiful mint green and grey plaid cotton fabric…

New Make, Who This? Vogue 9251!

Welcome back to In The Making!

The first item on my summer sewing plans list was to finish the Vogue 9251 that I had cut out back in spring.

This is my first week of summer vacation and I have been busy, I can tell you that! Right when I got home, I started this dress because I was determined to not be lazy this summer and actually get stuff done.

One week in, one project down. Now only 5 more to go!

The pattern is a Very Easy Vogue release, so even though I had never made anything as complicated as this dress, I was hoping it would live up to its title and be “very easy.”

I made View A which is shorter and has fluted sleeves. I was a bit nervous about the sleeves for two reasons. One, they were circular which meant they would be a pain to hem. Two, I wasn’t sure how the exaggerated sleeves would look on me. I’m always wary of adding extra volume to my shoulders since it could imbalance my figure. But despite these two worries, I went forward with the design hoping that it wouldn’t be…

New Make, Who this? The Delphine Skirt!

Welcome back to In The Making!

For this post, I'm sharing one of my favorite makes. For this piece, I bothered to zig-zag the raw edges, redo stitching if I messed up, and press the seams. Basically, I actually tried. And I'm so happy I did because I love the way it turned out! Definitely was worth the extra time I took.

The pattern is the Delphine skirt from Tilly Walnes' book Love at First Stitch. I purchased this book because so many sewists have said it helped them start sewing. I can see why! As a beginner seamstress, the tips and patterns in it have already improved my skills and I'm not even done yet! I highly recommend it for everyone.

With this make, I finished the seams with a zig-zag stitch and aimed to get the zipper as perfect as possible. And it turned out great! Look! The invisible zipper is actually invisible!

The fabric I made the skirt with is a floral lilac stretch twill that I bought from Jo-Ann's about a year ago when it went on sale. It's …

Summer 2018 Sewing Plans

Welcome to In The Making! The sun is no longer hidden by clouds, the temperature is up, and school is out for the summer! What am I going to do with all this free time? Sewing of course! And I have a full list of projects to make. So, I'm going to share my plans for this season with you.

The first make is actually already cut out because I wanted to sew it this spring. But school got in the way and it sat on top of my sewing machine taunting me as I did homework.
It's Vogue 9251 which is a beautiful wrap dress. I'm making View A which is shorter and has the flutter sleeves. I wasn't quite sold on this style since it looks a bit too formal for my glamorous lifestyle. But, I originally bought it with the mindset to make a choir gown from view B so I'm considering this a test run or wearable muslin.

I'm making it in a deep blue rayon. There is enough left over that I could probably squeeze out some simple shorts too. Also, #sewtogetherforsummer challenge's th…

First Post! The Seamstress Tag!

Welcome to In The Making! I’m Emma, the writer of this blog. I’ve finally got myself into high gear and decided to start blogging after months of debating with myself. So, to kick off this occasion and introduce myself, I wanted to do #TheSeamstressTag. This is a Youtube tag started by Hollie Sews that has been going around, but I don't have a Youtube channel. However, that won’t stop me from talking about myself!

Woah! That's my face! Question 1: Who are you?                 Such a vague question. I am many things, but the most interesting part is that I’m a college student who found a creative outlet in sewing. I live and go to school on the west coast in the US. I’m studying Computer Science and I love it.
Question 2: When and why did you start sewing?                 My mom used to sew and I wanted her to teach me, but we never got around to it. Last year, I graduated from high school and we had to do a senior project. We could do anything for this so long as we could presen…